Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Chapter of Life

Finally, after 2 years plus of striving in college, I had completed the all the academic subjects. What’s left is just another 4 months of internship and 1 more DE subject which is ENG220. With the help of my lecturer Ms.Christina Wong, I manage to find a place to get my internship done. The place I currently working at is called Vibes Communication, and integrated communication firm that covers design, advertisement, events, and PR.

My working place located at Bukit Damansara which is consider far from Klang. For economy wise, I received offer from my brother who lived in Mont Kiara to camp along at his apartment. So now, overall there are 4 people living in this apartment which is my bro, my sis-in-law, my sis-in-law’s brother(who apparently became my roommate now) and me. Living here gives me a feel like being apart from home and stay outside with roommates like how those local university students actually did. Something in life that I had missed out but somehow get to experience it in another way.

Traveling from MK to BD is quite convenient here. I have my bro to fetch me go to work in the morning and will have my roommate to fetch me back to MK after work. Like a boss. Working life, frankly speaking, I haven’t come to like it yet. Long working hours yet got nothing significant to do. Perhaps the beginning is like this. But somehow, yesterday I had awaken my working enthusiasm because of 1 incident. My superior asked me to write a job brief with less guidance given, I did a very brief 1 for her and got turned down saying it’s still lack of this and that (in a good way la). So I went to correct my report according to what she said and email it to her. I received an essay long of feedback from her. “Don’t just do it for the sake of doing” “Keep it up!” These words somehow struck me. I thinking that time was, alright!! I’ll just give in more detail work and shut you up.

“Orewa~ orewa~ supaa pilotto~!!!”

Hence I went to do more researches, rephrase my report, and arrange the flow in a much proper way. Took me half a day to finish the report and submit!! It’s been a long since I produce such detailed work. In the end of the day I received feedback saying “Benjamin, the report is a lot more better, now we just have to wait for the client’s reply and implement the job”. Alright~ With such focused working enthusiasm, the clock was seems to tick faster. But today, there’s totally no job for me to do and all I did today is just flipping Female magazines. I saw Gempak but I don’t think it’s appropriate to read them during working hours.

I guess that’s enough for this time on my return debut. Hope will have more time to update more here. Until next time then…

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dropping by…

Even though it is a two months holiday for me, I still hardly find some time to spend with this blog of mine. I was tempted by too many entertainments around me and most of them are computer games. Dragon Nest, Pokemon Soul Silver Version, the usual weekly Project-D, and many more. The holiday weekdays for me were like … Work from 1p.m. till 11p.m. –> Online (Computer gaming) from 11p.m. till 4a.m. –> Hit my bed by 4a.m. until the next afternoon. Lifeless isn’t it?

Luckily the weekend wasn’t as dull as the working routine I’m having. Just last Sunday, me and my gang of colleagues were joined as part of the organizer of the Klang area Kumon Advanced Student Honor Roll 2011 and it was a rather different experience than handling the students from different branches outside the centre.

And yeah, I finally got the time to fool around with my Long-Isolated-Double-O.

Christmas is coming soon enough, but it doesn’t apply any special meaning to me anyway. A celebration? I’m too old to tuck myself into the crowd who celebrates the countdown of Christmas at those celebration hotspots. Staying at Klang sounds more reasonable for me. Still, I have a wish to be granted before 2012 occurs – to get myself a much decent mobile phone. But of course I’m not telling this to Mr.Santa(like he really exist), I intended to get one using my own capability with what I currently possessed. Some motivation to start a new year I guess.

That’s all for this time, hope I’ll have the time to drop by again as soon as possible…

Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Heaven and Hell

I had been to heaven this morning, and went straight down to hell before afternoon. It doesn't seems that high quality product will be in my hand anyway. It is always owned by someone else before me. Bah~

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I got myself a DSLR...
And I named it... Double-O
Full name, Canon EOS 1100D.

And it's freaking awesome~ XD

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paying A Little Visit to My Blog

It has been a while since my last post here. Kind of have some a guilty feel toward my blog. Haha! But can't help it, the new college life style seriously beats me. So tiring and hectic and hardly have time to blog. Moreover, keeping myself update on Facebook is quite time consuming.

Had one of the greatest breakthrough in my life during last semester, participated an act on a drama play on stage. Never expected that I could overcome the stage phobia. Previously I was intended to write the full process of the practices, rehearsals, and about the play. However, the enthusiasm had somehow lost. There are some videos that could describe the whole story though. I will upload them once I get a copy of those.

I have something to consider deeply recently, to purchase a DSLR for my very own self! Budget is of course the first thing I have to consider about. Then comes to which model to choose. Canon EOS 1100D(many people using), Nikon D3000(hot stuff), or Olympus E-620(personal preference).

Really hope I can come out with a fine plan where I can fulfill both my desire and need in the same time. Decision making...

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I had been tried to seek out the balance in the time spending with my friends and my family all the while. Can say almost every weekend I had my dinner with my friends instead of with my family. Meanwhile, in between friends, I have to make different balance when dealing with different group of friends with different interest. It gave me such an headache sometimes when the organizing goes wrong and everything were blamed on me. People speak words that they don’t actually mean it for joking purpose but it will somehow lay an impact to those they spoken to if the words were harsh to them. It’s not easy to be the middle man to balance things up however it always me who got involved.

Back to the family part, I spent most of my time outside and during the time at home I’d just cling myself in front of the computer. I always got screwed by my dad that the home is just like a place for me to sleep only. Went for outings late at night, three to four p.m only come home. Simply because I can’t get a hold on my own time management. If I have my very own transport, I could easily make a balance on it. New semester started as well, I seriously need to refine my time management skill so that I could actually cope up with it since I see the new semester started in the new campus are rather much hectic than I had expected.

Anyhow, the main issue that had bugging me regarding this topic is still the time spent management with my friends and family. Hanging out with friends are sure fun but since nobody is paying for my expensive, it is somehow like drilling a hole on my own wallet. However keeping myself at home for a long period would have kill me as well. Hence, hanging outside once in a while(but I’m doing it very often) is a must…

Friends, and family… balancing…

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The thunder storm plus heavy rain that had happened last Sunday evening actually killed my TM-net modem with a strike thunderbolt! Consequence, I will not be able to online for several days at home. The VIP pass in Dragon Nest(an online game I play) that valid for 3 days only which I plan to use on Tuesday gone wasted. The only place I can online and get myself updated on what is happening in the internet would be my college only. The new computer lab has finally in operation and I'm using it to make this post. The computer is super fast so does the line here. I wonder when will the students install Warcraft3 Frozen Throne here and making this computer lab a base for Dota purpose.