Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Chapter of Life

Finally, after 2 years plus of striving in college, I had completed the all the academic subjects. What’s left is just another 4 months of internship and 1 more DE subject which is ENG220. With the help of my lecturer Ms.Christina Wong, I manage to find a place to get my internship done. The place I currently working at is called Vibes Communication, and integrated communication firm that covers design, advertisement, events, and PR.

My working place located at Bukit Damansara which is consider far from Klang. For economy wise, I received offer from my brother who lived in Mont Kiara to camp along at his apartment. So now, overall there are 4 people living in this apartment which is my bro, my sis-in-law, my sis-in-law’s brother(who apparently became my roommate now) and me. Living here gives me a feel like being apart from home and stay outside with roommates like how those local university students actually did. Something in life that I had missed out but somehow get to experience it in another way.

Traveling from MK to BD is quite convenient here. I have my bro to fetch me go to work in the morning and will have my roommate to fetch me back to MK after work. Like a boss. Working life, frankly speaking, I haven’t come to like it yet. Long working hours yet got nothing significant to do. Perhaps the beginning is like this. But somehow, yesterday I had awaken my working enthusiasm because of 1 incident. My superior asked me to write a job brief with less guidance given, I did a very brief 1 for her and got turned down saying it’s still lack of this and that (in a good way la). So I went to correct my report according to what she said and email it to her. I received an essay long of feedback from her. “Don’t just do it for the sake of doing” “Keep it up!” These words somehow struck me. I thinking that time was, alright!! I’ll just give in more detail work and shut you up.

“Orewa~ orewa~ supaa pilotto~!!!”

Hence I went to do more researches, rephrase my report, and arrange the flow in a much proper way. Took me half a day to finish the report and submit!! It’s been a long since I produce such detailed work. In the end of the day I received feedback saying “Benjamin, the report is a lot more better, now we just have to wait for the client’s reply and implement the job”. Alright~ With such focused working enthusiasm, the clock was seems to tick faster. But today, there’s totally no job for me to do and all I did today is just flipping Female magazines. I saw Gempak but I don’t think it’s appropriate to read them during working hours.

I guess that’s enough for this time on my return debut. Hope will have more time to update more here. Until next time then…

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